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hands/ON! lights up Neon Nevada at the Nevada Museum of Art


Buffalo Bar, Sparks, Nevada, NV

The free monthly event for families and kids at the Nevada Museum of Art (NMA) - hands/ON! on 2nd Saturdays - will be on Saturday, December 8. It's also a day of free admission all NMA visitors.

Buffalo Bar, Sparks, Nevada. From the collection of Will Durham.
Photo by Jamie Kingham

For December, the theme of hands/ON! is "Light it Up! Neon Nevada." The December schedule for hands/ON! is in my article about events and activities at the NMA. You'll also find it in the NMA's online event calendar.

Free admission to hands/ON! on 2nd Saturdays includes all current exhibits at the Nevada Museum of Art as well. Be sure to check out the exhibits and other events at the only accredited art museum in Nevada.

To enhance your visit to the NMA and the hands/ON! on 2nd Saturdays experience, be sure to see the exhibit The Light Circus: Art of Nevada Neon Signs of vintage neon signs that once graced some of Nevada's most iconic restaurants, casinos, hotels, and businesses.

For a look at some of Reno's contemporary neon lights, visit my "Reno's Downtown Casino Glitz Glows Bright at Night" photo gallery.

The Nevada Museum of Art is located at 160 W. Liberty Street in downtown Reno.

Source: Nevada Museum of Art.

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